Get even the most astute audiences up on their feet

It’s time to change up the way you do events!

Partner with a world renoun entertainer and knock everyone’s socks off by bringing in heavy-hitting entertainment that will ignite your event and bring it to the next level.  In this one of a kind live experience, your employees or guests will experience high caliber magic, side-splitting comedy, stunts, and music to create an unbelievable experience while seamlessly weaving in your companies message or culture to make this show truly yours.



Focused on your goal.

You invest in entertainment to achieve a business purpose. We get that. That’s why we: Expand camaraderie between employees and leadership, Connect them to the your organization, Boost morale, Strengthen their trust, loyalty, and customize with your objectives in mind.

Hysterically authentic.

Chris Michael and his team creatively mix hilarious comedy with audience ineraction and engagement to deliver an authentic and hilarious show that feels like it develops in real time. Each show is unique and driven by the members of your organization which makes for a memorable and rewarding experiecne.

Super high-end talent.

Chris is a superstar in the world of magic and speaking. Chris Michael is adventerous, bold, and magnetic. His creative mind and unique style has been utilized to created timeless peices for America’s Got Talent, Penn and Tellert Fool Us, The Walking Dead among several other national television shows you know and love.

Just imagine how fun it will be to have a live celebrity at your event.


Chris came to our facility with about 200 in the audience. He made EVERYONE laugh and have an amazing time. Booking was very simple. I had called two weeks before the event and he still made time for us even though he typically needs notice a year or so early. After the show, there was a little extra time before we left for the day, so he willingly asked if he could do anything else to buy some time. He performed one more quick stunt, signed autographs, did a few tricks with the staff, and engaged with everyone while he packed up. I would highly recommend Chris for a large or even a small event. VERY ENTERTAINING!

Jason Ching

YMCA International


Wow! What a fantastic time we had with Chris Michael. My guests were blown away by his brilliant sleights. Chris is a true pro and has a fantastic personality. Many of my guests are scientists and I feared that Chris would not be able to get away with his magic on us. BOY WAS I WRONG. His magic was novel and well suited for our event. It was clear that Chris prepared prior and worked hard to help make for a winning night. Thanks Chris!

Richard Ridley

RIBA Construction


This guy blew the crowd away! We had a group of age 50 or so successful business men in our group and he rocked the house! Their was laughter and excitement the whole time! I can’t believe we were able to get a hold of someone as high caliber as Chris. Not to mention the fact that he was so kind and easy to work with. We have had other magician’s in the past and they don’t stand a chance. HE WAS THE BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD and we’ve had meetings in Vegas!

Thomas B.

Event Planner